Kit Car Shows

The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh

The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh is billed as the world’s largest, and while it certainly doesn’t seem to be as large as it used to be it probably still boasts more manufacturers’ stands than any other kit car show. Combine that with 10 acres of outdoor display area for club stands and a plethora of trade stands for companies ranging from engine tuners to people selling nuts and bolts and it’s about as close as you’'ll get to having the entire British kit car scene in one place.

We normally go to the show on the Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning and a some of us camp over, some stay in a B&B, some having started to stay in a hostel on site and some just go for the day. We enjoy a BBQ and a few beers on the Sunday evening, returning home on the Monday when we have had enough.

We have since 2010 had our own pitch(59i) at the show


The weather this year was a lot better, however it was very cold at night. we had 13 members present over the weekend
Club cars on our pitch


The weather had been that bad running up to the show, that the ground was too wet to take the weight of our cars,we were therfore put up in the barns.
Club pitch Saturday
Club pitch Sunday
Club pitch Sunday

a couple of nice cars that caught my eye
More Pictures can be found on the gallery page. Link


The Stoneleigh weekend started for me on Saturday afternoon, I had arranged to meet Dan and Emma at the Newmarket services. We travel the uneventful journey to the show in good time and arrived at the venue for 6pm.

As last year with pitched our tents on our club stand 59 I.

We enjoyed some food and a few drinks seating out in the open. It was cold and windy but remained dry.


The following morning I was up early, and enjoy a hearty breakfast to set me up for the day.


Sunday was the most popular day for club members to attend. We had 11 cars on our stand and one member showed his car on the Westfield stand.

The last of the club members left our site at 6pm. Most were heading home but some had decided to book a B&B.


I had decided I was going to continue camping even though I would be camping alone for the rest of the weekend.

As I cooked my evening meal and eat it I had a constant flow of visitors talking to me this was over a period of two hours.

I found it Strange how they flock to you when you’re alone.

After this time I grabbed another beer and headed off to the RHOCAR camping area (I had been invited earlier in the day to help them drink two barrels of real ale)

I was surprised how welcoming they were towards me and I enjoyed a good night with them unfortunately the beer soon ran out L

I returned to my own private camping area LoL and went to bed.


Sunday again I was up early, enjoyed a hearty breakfast and again was joined by others that wanted to talk, I wondered if they wanted my food but all of my offers of bacon butties and such were turned down.

We had one more car turn up on our stand Sunday they had been camping with the Robin Hood lads and lasses.

So we had only two cars on display but this was a better turn out than most of the clubs in that area.

I had another walk around a lot of the show and then headed home at 2ish.

I had a good drive home apart from the strong cross winds.

Roll on next year

Saturday Night


As the show approached the weather forecasts got even direr. There was even one report that said there could be snow in the Stoneleigh area, over the weekend. Did it put us off? Of course it didn’t. This was our first year at Stoneleigh with our own pitch this had kindly been arranged for us by Brian Thompson. (Thank you Brian) Four kit cars and two tin tops left Newmarket service station just after 2pm on Saturday arriving at the show at 4pm. Another convoy left Newmarket on the Sunday morning just after 8am arriving at the show around 10 am. The weather did turn out to be pretty poor, very cold & windy all weekend heavy rain all of Saturday night and rain and hail showers on Monday but we still had a great weekend. It did however reduce the amount of cars that turned up to the show. Roll on a sunny hot Stoneleigh.

Thank you to those that attended and supporting the club. This is much appreciated.

More Pictures can be found on the gallery page. Link


This year we decided to travel to the show Saturday afternoon, and be at the show nice and early for the start on Sunday morning.

Bob and I meet at Thetford at 3pm and set off for Newmarket where we meet Mike, Andy and Michaela. We set off at about 4pm and had a nice casual ride to the show. The first 40miles were a bit busy but then the road became almost clear until we got to the Coventry area. We stopped on the A46 and filled up with fuel, and continued to the show, arriving at 5.40pm.

The weather was in our favour, Mike and Andy even travelled in T shirts.


After a drive around the showground we set up camp on the same camping area as last year.


After a chat and finding a handy box to use as a table we set off for a pub (the green man) off site to have a meal, let’s just say we had a nice ride around the local area before finding the pub we were looking for.

We enjoyed a meal and then travelled back to the showground. After a couple of beers we retired to bed.


We rose early after a cold night and made breakfast. We were soon joined by Paul and Maria who had left home early in the morning.


Sunday was overcast with a bit of a cold wind but there was no rain and the show was very busy indeed. Mike and I put our cars on the Luego stand, Andy on the Westfield stand and Bob and Paul put there’s on to the Robin Hood owners stand.

Luego Owners area.


Luego Owners pitch
Robin Hood Owners Pitch

We had a day walking around the show and meet back at the camp site at 5 for a BBQ and some more beers. As seems to be tradition, we took a walk around in the evening and retired to bed.

We had a very cold night with a frost in the early hours.

Bob was going to buy a new seat, but it wouldn't fit into the hood.


After another early start, it started to rain.

We decided to take a walk around the show mainly indoors because of the weather. We meet back at the camp site at lunch time and packed up for the return home. We left at 2.30. We had a couple of occasions where we lost each other but soon found each other again. I had to stop a bit earlier than expected due to my fuel gauge saying that I was empty, but I was only able to put £13 in before it said it was full (something to investigate)

I set off again and found the others waiting for me on a slip road. We all stopped at Newmarket to fill up and have chat before setting of home.


All in all it was a great weekend, with lots of fun, company and food. Shame the weather wasn’t a bit better.


It was nice to see some others from our area at the show.

Dan and Emma Robertson in the Luego locost, Geoff Wilkins Viento

Melvyn (Rusty Nuts) locost, Grant, Heidi and Luke Stanley

Dominic Eaves Westfield, Kellogs Luego, Helen and John Tween

Steve Nicholls, Dave Dickerson and Sarah GTS


07.30 Bob and I meet at Thetford services, Bob in his 2B me and my son Danny in my

Velocity. We travelled to Newmarket to meet Mike in his Viento, Michaela & Andy in

their Mondeo.

We also bumped into Fran, Steph and James; they were also on their way to

Stoneleigh in a Tin top but they weren’t travelling with us in our convoy.

My car was still having running problems, it was great at speed but at low revs

and idling it was coughing and spluttering.

The drive to the show was a nice steady drive without any problems I took the

lead most of the way. Mike passed me on a couple of occasions and boy what

a sound from the Vento’s V8 exhausts.

Nearing the show ground there appeared a few more kit cars, two of them passing us

a Cobra and a GT40. Mike changed into the Stig and was gone closely pursued by Bob.

They showed them how to drive. Mike led us and them into the show.

The weather began to change as the evening went on and began to rain. The rain continued through the night and into Monday morning we even had some bolts of thunder.

We eat breakfast and left our tents and Gazebo to hopefully dry, while we toured the show halls.

The rain stopped and the sun came out about twelve so we packed up while the going was good.

Another tour followed and then a cuppa before setting off home at 2.45.

Of course I had no roof and it began to rain as we left the show.

The weather in Stoneleigh seems to follow the same pattern year after year well it has for the last three years anyway.

Mike led us safely home. And we didn’t get lost for a change.

Although we had some rain on the way home we managed to keep up enough speed to not get wet


This was another great weekend out We set off early Sunday morning from our normal meeting spot at Newmarket. There were three 2b’s an S7 and a Dax Cobra replica.

Off we went at a sensible pace down the A14, after 9 miles Andy signal for me to stop and told me that Mike and Mark had pulled off with some sort of a problem.

A quick call on the mobile and it was found that Mark’s car was only running on three cylinders and fuel was running out of his twin forties. Mark disappointedly decided to return to Bury to repair the problem and come to the show later. (Unfortunately this wasn’t to be)

The remainder of the journey went well. 


Geoff over took me on the A46 and lead us the rest of the way into the show ground. Geoff being a lorry driver knows the short cuts.

Once at the show we set off to the traditional Robin Hood area to set up our tents/ gazebo etc. 

New for this year was the fact that the cars on display had to be taken to designated area and not remain at our normal camp site area. After setting up we took our cars to this area that was already beginning to swell.

The show was massive and took a lot of time to view and a lot of energy.

I missed several members at the show that I was hoping to see Gerry Kemp & Trevor Woodham who had travelled at the show with the Waveney valley kit car group, Helen & John Tween, who run the SG7 kit car club

and Fran & Stefan, who we had lost on our way to the show. (They did arrive safely I just couldn’t find them)

In the evening we did the normal things, BBQ, beer, chatting and a walk around the complex to stop us getting to cold as the temperature had started to chill a bit.

The morning followed with the traditional Easthoods breakfast of BBQ sausages and bacon and beans.

Monday was a lot quieter with very few kits entering the site and quite a lot of kits leaving early for home.

We took a stroll around the trade stands and then just before meeting John waterman and his father we decided to head for home.

The weather was turning for the worst strong winds and very dark clouds.

I lead out of the show ground and for a few miles.   Soon I was over taken by John’s dad he  lead us for a while until I lost track of him and took the wrong exit at a round a bout.

This is another story but let’s just say we saw a lot more of the motorways around the midlands than we had intended.

The weather on the return trip was not ideal first it would rain and then stop and the sun would shine (too hot to be in a hood fitted with wet weather gear). Just as you think I’ll stop and remove the top back came the rain and so it went.

20 miles south of Cambridge we came up behind and over took a 7 it is hard to say but it did look like it might be a hood, he joined our convoy and was still with us when Mike and I turned off onto the A11.

It was great to catch up with some old faces.

It was also good to get to know some new faces.